HPNG e-Network powered by LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the premier professional online networking community. Through this partnership with LinkedIn, you get the added benefit that you can reach out to the contacts you make at HPNG events. With LinkedIn, you find the people, jobs and services you need through the people you know and trust, while you strengthen and extend your existing network.

Also, it offers the functionality that you can search exclusively within the HPNG e-Network and connect with HPNG members.

HPNG e-Share

e-Share is HPNG's community online boards and forum. This community forum offers one more way for you to connect online with other HPNG members. You can use e-Share to:
  • Post jobs or recruit candidates
  • Promote your own services
  • Announce a job search
  • Voice opinions and comments about HPNG events
  • Ask how other professionals are developing their careers
  • Announce an upcoming event from another organization
  • Request a service
  • Seek business advice
  • Give business advice